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How to Talk to Your Kids about Racism

The events in Charlottesville and the continued tension in our country around race and racism have a lot of parents wondering how to talk to our children about racism- not to mention a lot of despair as we see the young men and women holding torches and glorifying nazi flags. How do we as adults teach the next generation to love and not hate? Meg Hamilton, LPC recently shared a thorough blog post on the subject, citing the following article about how to talk to kids at various ages and developmental stages. The idea that children are too young to know about racism is false. As Hamilton notes, studies show that children as young as 2 are learning from implicit and societal/systemic messages in their world.

I hope these articles (and the links in each) may help us to find a point to begin this kind of conversation with our little ones.

How to Talk to Kids About Racism

How to Talk to Kids About Racism: An Age by Age Guide

–Elizabeth Harrison, MSW, MDIV, LCSW

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