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In January 1975 The Life Enrichment center was born, a not-for-profit satellite of North Carolina Baptist Hospital’s School of Pastoral Care. Dwight Cumbee was Executive Director with a Board of Directors made up of local ministers. Rounding out the staff were a part-time counselor and a part-time secretary.

In January of 1986 The Life Enrichment Center terminated its satellite relationship and became an autonomous center with four full-time counselors, three part-time counselors, a secretary, and three students. Another ten years passed before we changed our name to Triangle Pastoral Counseling, a name we felt more accurately reflected our mission in the Triangle.

From 1975 to 2019 the Center maintained continuous certification as a Service and Training Center of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, until the association consolidated with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Additionally, in 1999 we affiliated with the Solihten Institute (formerly the Samaritan Institute), an international organization of pastoral counseling centers. That same year we purchased our first home after 24 years as renters, moving into an office condominium at 312 W. Millbrook Road in Raleigh.

In our 44th year, we have a home base in North Raleigh and two satellites: Christ Community United Methodist Church in Clayton and White Memorial Presbyterian on Oberlin Road. Our staff now consists of 10 therapists, the Center Director, and an Admin and Billing Specialist.

Triangle Pastoral Counseling has, in its 44 years of experience, learned a lot about the ministry of pastoral care and counseling to our many faith communities.

Again and again we have learned how much we are enriched by the many streams of tradition, wisdom, and discipline which flow into our life and work. Again and again we are reminded pastoral counseling is truly a unique blend of spiritual and scientific understanding, a ministry which weaves together the best of modern insight and ancient wisdom.

We continue to be committed to sharing that unique perspective and gift with all who seek us out, and we work hard at removing any barriers which might discourage anyone from doing so. We welcome with gratitude all who support us.