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TPC at the Walk for Hope

This October, TPC friend, Noelle Schofield, clinician, Elizabeth Harrison, and program director, Kelli Walker-Jones (left to right) participated in the 30th Annual Walk for Hope. The Walk for Hope is an event that raises awareness and funding for research and treatment of mental illness. In addition to walking, the TPC Team raised over $800 for the cause…. Read more

How to Talk to Your Kids about Racism

The events in Charlottesville and the continued tension in our country around race and racism have a lot of parents wondering how to talk to our children about racism- not to mention a lot of despair as we see the young men and women holding torches and glorifying nazi flags. How do we as adults… Read more

A Unifying Principle for Healthy Relationships

The legendary physicist, Albert Einstein, spent the latter part of his career searching for a unifying principle of the universe. Also known as a Theory of Everything, Einstein believed there is a single law underlying the physical forces that make up this world. Alas, he never found this holy grail of physics and the search… Read more

Welcome to Holland, A Metaphor & Reflection

In honor of Autism Awareness Month I thought I would share this essay by Emily Perl Kingsley. I was first given this essay about 15 years ago when my oldest son was about age 4 and had been diagnosed with several disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder. The therapist in me recognized immediately the brilliance of… Read more


“Butterflies come from what?” we ask as children. “A caterpillar? No way!” Life is full of paradoxes. It’s fun to observe dog owners who proudly show off their obedient pets. I wonder who trained whom. The “owner” pets when the dog sidles up; the “owner” opens the door when the dog whimpers & scratches; the… Read more

The Unexpected

It is often hard to welcome the unexpected. I appreciate routine and predictability When the unexpected happens, it can jarring and frustrating. 15 years ago, for some unexpected reason, I stopped along the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway and picked up a small, stray dog. Turns out he had tags so I spent 24… Read more

Letters of Thanksgiving

Dr. Lyman Ferrell, once a supervisor of mine, shared a valuable ritual with me many years ago.  It has now become my ritual, and I would like to share it with you.  He told me that he liked to write a letter each November to someone (often someone from his past) who had changed his… Read more

TPC in the Community

  On Sunday, October 9th, three of TPC’s clinicians participated in the 28th Annual Thad & Alice Eure Walk for Hope.  The event is hosted annually in Raleigh by the Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness.  Hollon Benson, Elizabeth Harrison, and Alana Frazier strolled with their toddlers for the 5K walk… Read more

Back to School

It’s that time of year when, for some, the transition to school begins.  Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or last year of high school, change can be hard.  It can also be new, fun, and exciting.  There is a mixture of laughter and tears, excitement and nerves, even anticipation and fear.  I often… Read more

Girls and Sex

Talking to teenagers is hard work – especially for parents. But being a teenager is perhaps even more difficult. I have a theory that we often respond to our teenagers out of our own fear and regret. Looking back with the hindsight of lessons learned the hard way, we speak to them as if speaking… Read more